Matthew Goode
Photo: Universal
Joan Wagner: Congratulations on the film! What attracted you to the project?
Matthew Goode: To be honest with you, I'd done four quite serious films beforehand, and my other half and I were about to have a baby within a couple of months when we first got the script. And Amy Adams, she's a fab actress and I just loved [director] Anand Tucker's Hillary and Jackie, so all those components together meant that I was like, "Let's go to Ireland and have a bit of fun."

JW: Was your daughter born during filming?
MG: She was 3 months old when we started; she's 19 [months] now. We tried hanging out in the hotel—me, the missus, the baby and our puppy boxer as well. The girls had to go home after, like, three weeks because it was driving them insane, and me too. I had to keep hold of the dog. It was the bane of my life for the entire time I was there because I couldn't get a house because no one would rent a house to me with a dog. Luckily, the Marion Hotel allowed me to stay there with my dog the entire time. It did mean effectively leaving 20 quid notes underneath the pillows because every other morning the dog would piss on the bed during the night and it was like, "They're just going to think it's me—incontinent Matthew Goode."