Leonardo DiCaprio's Hit List
In their latest collaboration, Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese are making audiences shudder with the suspenseful Shutter Island. Look back at DiCaprio's most charming, eccentric and sinister characters.
Leonardo DiCaprio
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
The dashing leading man we've all come to know and love is almost unrecognizable in this indie favorite. Back in 1993, DiCaprio received critical acclaim for his portrayal of a severely autistic boy named Arnie, the little brother of the film's title character, Gilbert Grape (played to perfection by Johnny Depp).

Gilbert pushes aside his personal aspirations to stay home and care for Arnie and their morbidly obese mother. Despite their differences, Gilbert and Arnie share an unbreakable brotherly bond. Grab a tissue, and watch DiCaprio at his most vulnerable.