Kyra Sedgwick

Screening Room:
Have any scoop you can share about the new season of The Closer

Kyra Sedgwick: We always have a theme. And this year’s theme is change. Firstly, there’s a change in the squad. And you know, Brenda’s not a huge fan of change...most of us aren’t. And I think it’s challenging for her at every turn. So, the other obvious change is that she’s married, and that’ll be new and different and have its challenges. Chief Pope does a tour of duty with our squad, and he gets involved in one of Flynn and Provenza’s classic screwups in the process. It’s pretty funny. And you know, Fritz and Brenda [are struggling with] the decision about whether or not to have children.

Mary McDonnell’s coming in for a couple of episodes as an internal affairs officer who is my opposite in every way, and so that’s been amazing. She’s really, she’s a great actress, and it’s nice for Brenda to have an antagonist that’s a woman.