Mark Consuelos in Turks and Caicos
Mark Consuelos is back for another week of Oprah's Fridays Live and is looking more rested than ever—thanks to an early 13th anniversary trip with his wife, Kelly Ripa. "I'm a very lucky man," he says. "I have a very patient wife—that's what 13 years means."

Mark and Kelly jetted off to Turks and Caicos' Amanyara Resort. "It's very peaceful; it's a very sexy place," he says. "You walk in, and your clothes literally fall off."

"My clothes did fall off, and then the resort immediately demanded I put them back on because I've had three kids and there's too much to explain," Kelly jokes.

Although they went kid-free, Mark says not all the families vacationing there had the same idea. "Everyone else brought their kids this week," he says. "It was spring break."

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Published on April 24, 2009


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