Alice in Wonderland

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

1. Alice in Wonderland
What do you get when you combine Johnny Depp's talent, Tim Burton's twisted style and a beloved children's classic? One hell of a tea party. In Burton's remastering of the classic fairy tale, the Mad Hatter (Depp) reunites with a grown-up Alice, the White Rabbit and a hodgepodge of countryside creatures to overthrow the Red Queen's evil regime in an attempt to bring peace to Wonderland.
Edward Scissorhands

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2. Edward Scissorhands
Part Pinocchio, part Romeo and Juliet, director Tim Burton's labor of love introduces us to an artificial man with scissors for hands—and a penchant for sculpting. Raised by his father figure/inventor, Edward is left alone in a Gothic castle after his creator dies. When a nosy Avon lady comes calling, Edward is adopted into her family and learns what it truly means to live, love and be human.

After sniffling through Edward's fractured fairy-tale ending, you'll never look at the simple pleasures in life the same way again.
Sleepy Hollow

Photo: Paramount

3. Sleepy Hollow
In this updated version of a classic tale, Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane faces off against a grotesque mortal enemy—the Headless Horseman. In another of Tim Burton's worlds of sinister suspense, we follow along as a flawed and squeamish Ichabod tracks down the real source of the Horseman's return.
Finding Neverland

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4. Finding Neverland
On the surface, Finding Neverland seems more like a stroll in the park than a walk on the wild side. Instead of embodying fantasy, Depp's turn as Peter Pan author Sir J.M. Barrie allows him to become the very conduit to a world of unbridled imagination.

When Barrie befriends a widow (Kate Winslet) and her four sons, he embarks on a fantastic voyage into the mind of a child. At last, the man who never wanted to grow up can create Neverland, a safe haven where no child has to suffer Barrie's tragic fate—adulthood.
Corpse Bride

Photo: Warner Bros.

5. Corpse Bride
This animated tale from Tim Burton takes "Till death do us part" to a new level.

Johnny Depp voices Victor, a bumbling groom who makes a grave mistake by practicing his wedding vows at the tomb of Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), a bride killed the night before her wedding. When a mysterious hand reaches up from the ground, Victor instinctively puts his ring on it's finger. The timid Victor must now unravel the mystery that put Emily in her grave and threatens his living (for now) fiancée. As Victor embarks on a journey of life, death and love, we're oddly inspired by this morbidly cheerful tale about unfinished business.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Photo: Warner Bros.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
This delicious remastering of the classic children's movie is so luscious we can't help but eat up. Despite critics' fears, Johnny Depp's turn as the sanely insane Willy Wonka breathes new life into the beloved character. Although director Tim Burton doesn't change the storyline dramatically, he does win over audiences by giving Wonka's factory—and Wonka himself—a fresh new look and feel.

From Oompa-Loompa musical numbers to Willy's punishments for bad behavior (you'll never look at blueberries the same), Depp makes this ride worth taking again and again.
Sweeney Todd

Photo: DreamWorks

7. Sweeney Todd
Johnny Depp's maniacal turn as the demon barber of Fleet Street gives new meaning to the song lyric, "Shave and a haircut, two bits."

Before he was wrongly convicted and sentenced to hard labor in Australia, barber Benjamin Barker was a hardworking family man. When Benjamin escapes to find his family devastated by a vengeful judge, he becomes Sweeney Todd, an antihero hellbent on revenge. Soon, simple shaves set the scene for what may be the bloodiest movie musical of all time. Meat pie, anyone?
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

8. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Johnny Depp embraces his inner freak show in this tale of a traveling sideshow that's made a dangerous deal with the devil. Depp is one of three actors (including Colin Farrel and Jude Law) who united to complete the role of Tony, left unfinished by Heath Ledger's untimely death.

As Tony #1, Johnny steals the soul of a wealthy woman in an effort to free a young girl from the devil's hold. His fine performance is just one piece of this role's very complicated puzzle—and a fitting cinematic tribute to Ledger.
Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

9. Pirates of the Caribbean
Few actors could bring a touch of the Rolling Stones to the high seas and continue to sell out theaters three films into the franchise. As the Keith Richards-inspired Capt. Jack Sparrow, Depp suspends our disbelief as we lose ourselves in his outrageous exploits—fighting a ship of the undead, battling Davey Jones and literally sailing to the end of the world. We can't wait to see what treasures we'll find when Pirates of the Caribbean 4 sails onto the big screen in 2011.

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