Favorite TV Sidekicks
Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott on The Office
Dwight K. Schrute, The Office
Bosom buddies. Partners in crime. Best friends forever. No matter how you phrase it, a comedic foil is crucial to the success of most TV shows. Who else can you depend on to set the stars straight and stir up trouble along the way? Some sidekicks are so great, second-billing just won't do. Let's give these guys and gals a little credit.

On The Office , bumbling boss Michael Scott can always depend on right-hand man, Dwight Schrute, as played by Rainn Wilson , to support his crazy schemes. He may be a beet farmer, volunteer sheriff's deputy, top salesman and weapons expert, but all Dwight really wants to be is Michael's best friend.

Dwight is fiercely loyal to Michael, and even when his own job is at risk, he steps up and takes the fall. Plus, his martial arts skills deter those who wish Michael harm…and there have been quite a few over the years.