1. Once
They're the Irish eyes that make us smile, laugh, cry and sing. Oprah.com's Screening Room reveals its picks for the best Emerald Isle talents (in no particular order.)

A prime example of a "little-indie-movie-that could," director John Carney's Once has all the elements of a great love story—and an amazing soundtrack to match. The Guy (Glen Hansard) and The Girl (Markéta Irglová), both musicians, have hit romantic rough spots—his girlfriend's just cheated on him, and she's separated from her husband. Fate brings them together on a Dublin street, and they spend a week writing and recording songs that chronicle their sweet love affair. Although we never learn The Guy's and The Girl's real names (and we wonder if they ever learn one another's), it doesn't matter because their music speaks clearly enough. Defy this movie's title and watch it over and over again!
Denis Leary

2. Denis Leary
Born in Massachusetts, this Emmy-nominated actor and comedian holds dual U.S. and Irish citizenship.

Known for his raw, "guy's guy" humor and playing a brash firefighter on FX's Rescue Me, Denis is a sensitive guy at heart. Denis established the Leary Firefighters Foundation in 2000 after losing a friend and family member in a warehouse fire. The foundation works to provide fire departments with the funding and resources they need to have the most current equipment and training.

He's also a fan of Oprah! Find out why he didn't want to like her show—and how he came around.
Daniel Day-Lewis

3. Daniel Day-Lewis
When you see a Daniel Day-Lewis movie, you know you're in for a performance to remember. An Irish citizen since 1993, Daniel is known for throwing himself into his roles—and his hard work has earned him two Best Actor Oscars®. After watching There Will Be Blood, you'll never look at milkshakes or bowling alleys the same.

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4. U2
In love? Want to make a difference in the world? Just haven't found what you're looking for? No matter your mood, there's a U2 song to match. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen formed U2 as teenagers in 1978 and are now one of the top acts in the world. Not bad for four guys from Dublin! 
Van Morrison

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5. Van Morrison
Who hasn't sung "Gloria" into her hairbrush at one time or another? Which dark-eyed girl hasn't claimed Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl" as their own personal anthem? And really, why isn't "Tupelo Honey" played at more weddings? Born in Belfast, Van Morrison is ranked as one of the most important musicians of all time, and we couldn't agree more.
Colin Farrell

6. Colin Farrell
This Dublin-born actor has the looks, the accent and the talent—he won a Golden Globe® in 2009 for In Bruges. Colin has worked with Hollywood greats like Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Al Pacino and Oliver Stone—all before he turned 30! 

And did we mention his accent? Just checking...
Sinead O'Connor

7. Sinéad O'Connor
Nothing compares to this Grammy-winning singer—her hits from the late '80s and early '90s still give us a slight urge to shave our heads. Once a rebellious young singer, Sinéad is now a mother of four and producing and performing new music to audiences worldwide. She's also come forward to reveal her courageous lifelong battle with bipolar disorder
Pierce Brosnan

8. Pierce Brosnan
This Irishman's good looks have been smoldering on screens since the days of Remington Steele. As James Bond, we love that he brought an Irish edge to one of Britain's most iconic characters. And did we mention he's a triple threat? Catch his singing and dancing in Mamma Mia! We'll meet him on a Greek shore anytime!
Oscar Wilde

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9. Oscar Wilde
He may be old school, but if you never had the pleasure of studying one of the greatest literary minds of the 19th century, it's time to catch up. (Rent the great remakes of An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest tonight!)

From his stance on social issues like homosexuality (he was convicted for gross indecency after having a relationship with a man and served time) to the forward-thinking women he put in his plays, Oscar was a mind truly ahead of his time.

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