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As the third person to be sent home, Carlana says she feels she never got a chance to show America what she had in her. "Leaving the team behind and feeling that I hadn't quite been there long enough was really disappointing," she says.

Oprah's Big Give judge Jamie Oliver says the judges had a hard time deciding who to eliminate that week. In fact, it was their longest deliberation of the season. "My job is to judge them on their achievements, their philanthropy, their entrepreneurial spirit," he says. "If I had a little soft spot for any of the contestants, it was for my girl here."

In the end, it was Carlana's constant bickering with Rachael that was her undoing. "It was a bit like being in high school, to be honest," Jamie says. "I think that plan would have been not to bite as much at Rachael. Rachael's quite provocative, and I think it was tough."

Looking back, Carlana says she wouldn't change much about her last challenge. "I stand before you, or sit before you, proud as can be that I did everything in my power to really push myself to the limits," she says. "I'm a control freak, and that was something that was very trying for me to really take a backseat."

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