Dylan McDermott in Dark Blue
Photo: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Kari Forsee: What sets Dark Blue apart from other cop shows on TV?

Dylan McDermott: I think that being on cable, you get more freedom certainly with cop shows. This concentrates on the darker aspects of police work and the darker aspects of these characters. I think on network television, you could never get away with the stuff that we are. But this is a Jerry Bruckheimer show with TNT, and I think that you're going to get entertainment value being a Jerry Bruckheimer show, but also, you're going to get great characters—that's not something you always get on network television is character.

I think that's why cable is thriving. You get to have these great characters you would never get on network, and I think that audiences are fascinated by characters. You get good stories, so you get a contained episode with a crime every week, you get great character and you get a great story.