Whatever your frame of mind, one of these pictures—in theaters this month—will fit.
Date NightLooking for a laugh? Go see Date Night
A stuck-in-a-rut suburban couple (Tina Fey and Steve Carell) trek into Manhattan for a romantic rendezvous that rapidly devolves into an action-comedy of errors. As light and airy as popcorn and spiced with witty cameos (Mark Wahlberg, James Franco), the movie derives much of its fun from its knowingly anachronistic view of New York City as a lurid underworld—every block seems laid with booby traps for unsuspecting out-of-towners.

Please GiveFeeling wry and thoughtful? Watch Please Give
With a superb female-dominated cast (including Amanda Peet and Catherine Keener), Nicole Holofcener's comedy-drama tackles big issues: adultery, sisterhood, mortality, real estate. What holds the film aloft is writer-director Holofcener's mordant humor and eye for slice-of-life detail—there's a dressing room tantrum scene that will send a shiver of recognition through any teenage girl, former teenage girl or mother of a teenage girl.

The GreatestIn the mood for a therapeutic cry? Check out The Greatest
Sometimes you want a movie that wipes you out and picks you up—like Shana Feste's vivid debut feature. After her boyfriend's death, pregnant rose (Carey Mulligan) moves in with his parents (Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon), who are drifting apart in the throes of mourning. driven by performances both raw and finely tuned, The Greatest is an affecting portrait of how grief and renewal intertwine.

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Photos: Suzanne Tenner; Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics; Courtesy of Paladin


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