Nate Berkus
Jamie Oliver may famous for his TV show The Naked Chef, but these days the British cook has another job to add to his résumé—a judge on Oprah's Big Give! Nate talks with Jamie about his role on the show and about how he spends his free time.

Oprah's Big Give follows 10 people crisscrossing the nation to change the lives of total strangers. Jamie says he was inspired by the show's contestants and is convinced the show will encourage others to want to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. "I think this show is going to entertain, but we all hope that people would watch it and it might bring out a softer, more positive side of America," he says. He thinks the show will spark a wide range of emotions in those who watch it. "I think they will laugh. I think they will cry. I think they will all learn something," he says.

Jamie, who was known as one of the harsher judges on the show, says his goal was simply to help the contestants by giving constructive criticism. "I just wanted them to get better," he says. "[The contestants] were wonderful, warm and generous people." He says when the show came to an end, he felt fulfilled. "I went back to England feeling really great—how often do you do a job and you are really proud?"

Now that Oprah's Big Give has finished taping, Jamie plans to return to his normal life and spend time with his wife and two kids, preferably around the dinner table—his favorite spot in his house. "Some meals you will remember for the rest of your life," he says. "The dinner table is the most important bit of the house. Stuff gets sorted around the table. I am so romantic about the table and sitting around the table and breaking bread."