Sliding Doors

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Sliding Doors
If you've ever wondered "what if" about a past relationship, Sliding Doors may help your realize everything happens for a reason.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Helen Quilley, a woman who's just been fired from her job. From this point, the movie splits into two parallel universes. In one, Helen makes her train and catches her boyfriend in bed with his ex-girlfriend, which puts her on the road to real love and fulfillment with someone new. In the other timeline, she misses her train, which gives her cheating boyfriend enough time to send his ex away. Helen obliviously continues in the relationship—until she finds out the other woman is pregnant with her boyfriend's child. Shortly after, Helen's knocked unconscious and sees flashes of what a life with her true love could be. When she wakes up in the hospital, she tells her cheating boyfriend to get lost. Ready for a fresh start, she steps onto the elevator to leave the hospital where she finally meets the man of her dreams.


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