American Idol's Scott MacIntyre
Michael Becker/FOX
Screening Room: Why did you audition for American Idol?   

Scott MacIntyre: I had two goals, and one was to obviously play grand piano on the stage of American Idol, and that's really when I decided to audition last year, when they rolled the grand piano out. I think it was for [David] Archuleta or for Brooke White that used it first, and I had no idea they were going to do that. And that's who I am; that's what I've been for a number of years now, and that immediately became a dream of mine.   

And the other part of the whole process for me was I just feel like with all the adventure in my life I have something to offer people and a story to share with people. I think it would be a shame if I kept that to myself and didn't let it out. There were some things I didn't talk about until I left the show, other than my visual impairment challenges, I really feel like I've been able to bring a lot of hope to a lot of people.