The 16 Best Books Coming Out This June

A novel of New York in the era of the silent film, a classic love story revisited, and more.

Radio Iris

Radio Iris

208 pages; Two Dollar Radio
Iris, the receptionist at Larmax, Inc., starts each day by flicking on copiers and answering phones with the "corporate-approved greeting." Radio Iris tells the story of this 20-something's daily schedule and her interactions with two cryptic male characters: her boss, whose erratic behavior makes Iris question the company's future, and a stranger who is living in the office next door, setting off the fire alarm and bathing in the men's room. At first, "as long as she had a place to go every morning...and as long as she didn't have to look directly at the earth's edge," Iris is fine. But when she obsesses about the man on the other side of the wall, life is never mundane again. Anne-Marie Kinney's debut novel uses flatline prose to convey Iris's dull loneliness and her yearning to make herself visible to the world.
— Abbe Wright