For Nature Lovers: Books That Celebrate the Great Outdoors

Looking for a gift for the green-thumb in the family? Simply pining for spring? These books will whisk you away to pure blue seas, picture-perfect gardens and nighttime prowls in Central Park.
On the Beach by Richard Misrach

On the Beach

278 pages; Aperture
When photographer Richard Misrach looked out on an idyllic Hawaii beach from the balcony of his hotel room in November 2001, he saw more than an expanse of sun and sand. He saw tiny, vulnerable human beings lost in space. His gull's-eye views of beach and shimmering blue water, intricately textured swathes of color punctuated by the forms of solitary swimmers and sunbathers, are collected in On the Beach (Aperture), a stunningly vibrant visual meditation on "the precarious nature of life itself."