Books Every Joy-Seeking Woman Needs to Read

What do happy people do? Read! But what do really, really happy people do—read the kind of books that open their minds—and lives.
Mom & Me & Mom

Mom & Me & Mom

224 pages; Random House
Maya Angelou's moving, honest portrait of her up and down relationship with Vivian Baxter—the bold, smart, hard-drinking, pistol-toting woman who left Angelou with her grandmother for most of her childhood but reunited with her during her daughter's adolescence—is full of wisdom, laughs and blockbuster sentences like, "there are times when no one is right and sometimes among family and children, no one can admit that there is no right, and that maybe at the same time there is no wrong," and,  "She liberated me from a society that would have had me think of myself as the lower of the low. She liberated me to life."
— Leigh Newman