Books That Speak the Truth

These books take a look at the world around us in a way we never have before. 
Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World

Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World

402 pages; W. W. Norton & Company
Here are some things we know peer pressure can cause: smoking, driving drunk, buying stuff we don't need. Here are some things Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tina Rosenberg has seen peer pressure do: increase math performance among minority students, help prevent the spread of HIV, contribute to the demise of Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic's repressive regime. In her smart and earnest book, Join the Club (Norton), Rosenberg, a MacArthur "genius" grant recipient, debunks the popular notion that peer pressure is always bad and argues that by helping people find positively persuasive cohorts, we can change the world. One unforgettable example: a stop-smoking campaign in Florida that convinced teenagers it was more rebellious and cool to confront the tobacco companies than to use their products. "Peer pressure is a mighty and terrible forceā€”so powerful that, for the vast majority of people, the best antidote to it is more peer pressure." 
— Sara Nelson