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October 21: Week 2 in Review
During the sixth live broadcast, Iyanla Vanzant joined Oprah for the third time. Click here to watch the full webcast.

"That's ... what Gary Zukav says about authentic power: Authentic power [is] when the personality comes to serve the energy of your soul."—Oprah

"Very often as adults we still behave like we can't say this. We can't do that. We can't ask for this. ... We deal with people as if we're children who don't have the right to speak up. Deal adult to adult." — Iyanla Vanzant

"Love people enough to tell them the truth. And respect them enough to know that they can handle it." — Iyanla Vanzant

"If you start from the place of being grateful—this is what I love when I keep a gratitude journal, trying to do at least five things in a day that I'm grateful for—it means you look at the day differently." — Oprah

"You are the only one who gets to say what goes on in your life. And when you say something—that this is going to go on in my life—[and] then it doesn't work, you get to say something else. ... Make another choice in another moment." — Iyanla Vanzant

"Life gives you an endless supply of do-overs." — Iyanla Vanzant
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