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Jon Bon Jovi and Beth Mills
You voted. Oprah listened. In an Oprah.com poll, thousands of viewers chose one rock star's special delivery as their favorite surprise.

In September 2005, cameras followed Jon Bon Jovi to the home of Beth Mills, a 38-year-old wife and mother of two. For almost 20 years, Beth's family said Jon had been the "other man" in her life.

Growing up, Beth's bedroom walls and ceiling were covered with his posters. Decades later, her cubicle at work was a shrine to the Jersey rocker. After receiving more than 100 e-mails from Beth's friends and family about her Jon Bon Jovi devotion, Oprah dispatched Jon to Beth's home.

On her family's pizza night, Jon rang Beth's doorbell with dinner in hand. "No way," she said when she answered the door. "Can I get a really big hug?"

This is one delivery Beth never forgot. Since then, she says she's been to more than 15 Bon Jovi concerts.
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