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Taylor Swift and Jordan
Shrill screams. Shocked silence. The ugly cry. You never know how people will react when they're surprised by their favorite celebrities, generous gifts or long-lost loved ones. In the past 24 seasons, Oprah and her producers have orchestrated more than 1,500 surprises. While the audience benefits occasionally—favorite things!—Oprah's guests are usually kept guessing.

In May 2009, Oprah's team orchestrated a memorable surprise during Oprah's Search for the World's Most Talented Kids finale. Jordan, Oprah's 10-year-old co-host for the day, handled her duties like a seasoned pro...until Oprah brought her favorite country star on stage!

Watch Jordan's reaction! Watch

When Grammy-nominated artist Taylor Swift walked out holding a gift for Jordan—an acoustic guitar—Jordan was beyond shocked. "Oh my God," she said. "Thank you!"

The surprises didn't stop there. "Jordan, we're going to give you an assignment to go interview Taylor while she's on tour," Oprah said. "Then, this fall, we're going to play that interview, and she's going to come on, and she's going to perform on The Oprah Show."
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