20 Mini-Lessons Every Happy Woman Knows

Here are our favorite quotes, straight from Oprah herself - mini-lessons you can take with you anywhere.

Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

"What I know for sure is you can't even begin to love yourself or even be true to yourself unless you know who you really are—separate from your ego."

Lesson 1: The False Power of Ego

"[The ego is] an impostor, imposing on the real you, making you think that you're something that you're not."

Lesson 2: Letting Go of Anger

"One of the best lessons for me is learning that revenge is another way for the ego to show itself."

Lesson 3: You Become What You Believe

"Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness? Do you believe that happiness, success abundance, comfort, fulfillment, peace, joy, love is a part of your birthright? Or do you believe something else? Because you will manifest the life that you believe."

Lesson 4: The Truth Will Set You Free

"If you are in any way keeping a secret, or if you are in any way pretending to be something that you are not, you will never ever become all that you were meant to be. It just cannot happen."