"For as long as I have a voice in this world, my promise to children who have no voice is that they will be seen, they will be heard—because they matter. The ChristmasKindness project was created and financed through my private foundation. Now, through our Angel Network which is my public charity—your charity—you also have the opportunity to contribute to our mission to support, educate and uplift children whose lives are devastated by AIDS. It is my promise to you that your money will be spent to make a difference in a life that needs it." — Oprah
See Where Your Donations Are Going

Join Oprah and the Angel Network in the Effort to Help
If you live in the United States, you can donate to Oprah's Angel Network.

Or Send Donations by Mail to:
Oprah's Angel Network
P.O. Box 96600
Chicago, IL 60693
* Make checks payable to Oprah's Angel Network. Do not send cash.

The Angel Network only accepts checks and online donations.


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