Edouard and Oprah
Wadleigh Scholars Received by:
Edouard Plummer
Sponsored by:
Jeff Bezos, amazon.com

For more Information, please contact:
Wadleigh Scholars Program
215 W. 114th Street
New York, NY 10026

For the past 36 years, Edouard Plummer has been teaching children in Harlem, believing they were not doomed to fail. His teaching and encouragement have sent hundreds of children to prestigious preparatory schools and colleges around the country. "Many people believe the children did not have the ability to make it in schools of that nature academically. We don't buy that."

During the times of financial hardships, Edouard has used his own money to pay for children's visits to prospective schools, buying clothes for interviews. "He's given everything that he has to it. He's given money, he's, of course, given his time, he's given his dreams... it's his life," says Janice Simpson, a senior editor at TIME Magazine and former Wadleigh Scholar.

"I feel ten feet tall when these children come back to me. It shows me, tells me, it was worth every moment I spent with them."

"These children can be used as role models. Not only for the Harlem Community, but role models for the Harlems everywhere." —Edouard Plummer

Sometimes, Wadleigh students are accepted to a prestigious prep school only to learn money is not available for them to attend. Recently, Edouard's heart was broken to find Teresa, an eighth-grade student, in that situation. When the angels at Westover School in Connecticut heard Edouard was a "Use Your Life" award recipient, they decided to honor him by giving Teresa a full scholarship for four years!


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