Promise House received an Angel Network award in conjunction with the "Live Your Best Life" 2005 tour. Twenty years ago, this youth shelter and staff were housed in a single-family home; it has expanded to include nine programs, inhabit three buildings, and provide services to more than 5,000 youths and their family members annually.

Promise House programs include an emergency shelter, transitional housing, a group home for pregnant/parenting teens, an alternative day school, as well as drug prevention and rehabilitation. All youth in any program participate in Parent Education, designed to improve parenting and family communication skills.

Promise House improves the entire community at no cost to the people they serve. They've helped over 35,000 children and their families since they opened their doors in 1984. Fifty-three percent of their clients are female; forty-eight percent are African-American.

Contact Information:
Promise House
Judy Wright, VP Resource Development
224 W. Page Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208
PH: 214-941-8578
FAX: 214-941-8670


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