Robert Young and Oprah
In this country where we cherish freedom, imagine being forced from your home and losing your independence. That is what happened to millions of Native Americans.

"We want to start building a bridge of understanding though the Angel Network that can help the healing and most of all acknowledge history that we've often chosen to ignore." — Oprah  
Use Your Life Award
Meet the father from Seattle whose special connection with a Lakota grandmother led to building homes and hope on reservations. Learn more about Red Feather Development Group.

Native American Experience
Their often unheard story has been lost from the pages of our history books, even though the Native Americans' story is "our" story. Begin to learn and understand.  

Life on a Reservation
Most Americans have never been to a reservation, where one fourth of all Native Americans live. For years, their struggle has been hidden and their stories have been unheard. Residents take you inside.

Rez Protectors
Four young women on the Crow Reservation in Montana came up with an award-winning solution to one of the biggest problems on their Reservation. See how they've given their community hope.


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